Pay Per Click Internet Advertising Model

Your Company Is Loosing Revenue If It’s Not Using PPC

Why Use Pay Per Click (PPC) For your Business’ Advertising Needs??

Pay Per Click is a form of online advertising that is done through google and its google partners. Each time you search for something online whether it is a haircut or buying a new home, ads from related businesses pop up for you… You click on those ads and get the necessary service or information you are looking for.

Although there are other search engines online, did you know that google holds the highest percentage of users on the web? Well they do at almost 68%.

So why is PPC worth using for your company? If you want your business to succeed, then online advertising is the way to go. You need to get in front of people looking for products/services like yours and google is the best way to do that! If you opened up a storefront could you choose the people who walk by every day and make sure they were already looking for your services? No! But with PPC thats exactly what we can do! We write creative ads and ONLY show them to people searching for what you offer, how great is that!Pay Per Click Internet Advertising Model

So if you are looking to get instant results and traffic to your website at a reasonable affordable way then PPC is what you need!

You might have heard people say “no one clicks on Google ads and sponsored results”, but that would be wrong. Studies continue to show the increased importance of PPC and companies jumping to expand their PPC marketing plans. Because they know it works(through data not just guessing).

On average the top three paid ad spots get 41% of clicks

45% of users couldn’t identify paid ads on page when there wasn’t a separated column

These numbers mean that most users don’t even realize they are looking at ads. Thus, more frequent exposure and higher spots in the search results consistently generates more clicks and more revenue for PPC advertisers.

So if someone tells you I don’t click on those ads give them these statistics!!!

Another good statistic is that in surveys, PPC came in second for the best marketing/advertising to use, first being SEO but with SEO it is expensive, time consuming and does not always work(or takes many months) to get you on the first page!!

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Here are some great examples of large, successful companies that use PPC. So if PPC doesn’t work why would these companies put so much money into it?? EXACTLY, THEY WOULDN’T!

1. monthly budget PPC 1,172,722

2. monthly budget PPC 87,849

3. zillow.commonthly budget PPC 970,638

4. monthly budget PPC 212,688


If Companies this big trust PPC to work for them, why shouldn’t you??

On average they say that you can get 300% return on investment using PPC!! WOW and check out this ppc return on investment calculator to see how much you may get!!

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