ppc management services in utah

PPC Management Services

What exactly is PPC??? Click here for a detailed definition. Online Advertising Professionals (OAP) is a top level Company offering the most simplistic and cost maximizing Utah PPC management services available. By using our services, your company can receive more business today! Our professional team will get your business seen on the world’s largest search engines including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing etc. Through our specialized research methods we will customize a one of a kind Adwords campaign specific to your business goals. Our Pay Per Click Technicians are constantly seeking new opportunities in your market space to out perform your competitors and give you an edge, while always working to increase your ROI and meet your individual sales volume goals. No other PPC Management Company caters to you 24/7 as you complete online marketing consultant to help you grow and achieve your business goals.

What PPC Management entails

Pay Per Click Management with OAP entails a wide variety of best practices and proven techniques in the paid search marketing field Our qualified technicians will work with you during the entire process to provide you multiple campaign perspectives and make sure we are always exceeding your needs and expectations. OAP will work with you to learn your unique business model and how you want to be presented online. We will develop clever approaches to get your business to as many potential customers as possible. We will an understanding of your “ideal customer” and use that understanding to target them aggressively and efficiently. We will form a complete PPC search marketing campaign including many forms of media.

Some of our services will include: Landing Page Analysis, Detailed Keyword Research and Search Phrase Query Analysis, Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking Reporting, Adwords Ad Creation, Split Testing and tweaking, Quality Score Management, Continual Campaign Optimization, Conversion Cost Analysis and real-time Opportunity Alerts, and Quality Bid Management. OAP has the knowledge and experience to proactively management your internet marketing initiatives to produce the desired results. Our clients will always receive a specialized service focusing on strategy, qualification, conversion cost, and ROI. The bottom line for us is to maximize your profits while keeping your advertising costs as low as possible.


We offer the simplest pricing packages in the business with a marketing solution for every budget, Contact us today to get started with our Simple PPC and SEO Pricing Solutions.

#1 small/medium size business consultant in the PPC industry

OAPs’ Pay Per Click Management Services were created to provide small and medium size businesses with a simple yet professional and clear-cut approach to paid search engine advertising. Paying close attention to detail, we educate our clients in all aspects of their campaigns. Most PPC advertising companies claim to do Google Adwords management, Bing management and Yahoo management but are not as in depth and results oriented. OAP will earn your trust and respect by giving you the results you expect to be paying for!

If you have ever tried to manage your own search marketing campaign, you know how time consuming each key-phrase selection can be in reference to volume quality, specificity to your niche market, page positioning, CPC and pricing etc. The critical difference between running a successful or failing campaign resides in the tiny details that come with both knowledge experience gained only through running many campaigns. OAPs’ team has the knowledge and experience necessary to determine your businesses ideal customer and the psychology behind their searches. This knowledge enables us to optimize your campaign to be a very profitable piece of your business.

Continued Maintenence and Optimization

Once your customized campaign up and running, our team will utilize numerous industry technologies to continuously monitor results, improve and optimize all aspects including ROI. In addition we will provide you 24/7 management & consulting on you account for any questions or comments that may come up on your end. Continued monitoring and improvement is crucial when market variables and competitors are changing rapidly, therefore compensations need to be made real time or you end up behind the curve. Most self-managed campaigners do not monitor and adjust their accounts consistently enough to keep up with these ever changing factors. Therefore, by letting professionals like us build and manage your campaign we can make sure your budget is spent efficiently. This leaves our clients to spend tim e doing what they do best, running their business.

The reason most self managed accounts fail is due to insufficient setup processes and lack of daily management and optimization such as split testing. By allowing the OAP team to get the most out of your PPC campaign, you can rest assured you have made the correct decision and thus saved yourself countless mistakes and marketing dollars.